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Flour Sack Fashions: Great-Granny Cooks Up a Family Wardrobe

I remember hearing of “flour sack dresses” ever since my youth in the 1950s. But I recently discovered through rummaging the Internet that my concept of what the term meant was totally in error. I don’t even remember when I … Continue reading

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Texas Invites the World

In the depths of the Great Depression, with unemployment high and consumer spending low, a number of cities and states across the US decided that hosting a world’s fair was just what the local economy needed. In 1936 this included … Continue reading

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75 Years Ago in Time

Time magazine, that is. Below is a collection of covers from Time magazine from the year 1938. Some of the folks on the covers are “household names” to this day, some are at least familiar to many people from their … Continue reading

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Mention “Futurama” to young people of the 21st century and they will immediately assume you are speaking of a wildly popular sci-fi cartoon series by Matt Groening, creator of the Simpsons, that began airing in 1999, was still seen in … Continue reading

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Black Sunday, April 14, 1935

I was born in 1946, several years after the drought on the Great Plains of the US broke. Rain started falling again in 1939, putting the end of the “Dust Bowl” in sight.  I had heard of the Great Depression … Continue reading

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