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HipPo’Boy Sandwiches??!!

I’ve never been to New Orleans, but I’ve heard for many years of one of the most famous iconic New Orleansian food favorites…the Po’Boy Sandwich. While doing research for this blog entry, I checked the Web for the details on … Continue reading

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Titanic–Minus the Romance

In early April 1912, 2,223 people boarded the largest, safest, most luxurious passenger steamship in the world for a trip from Europe to America. The British ocean liner Titanic, making its very first voyage, was advertised as a technological wonder. … Continue reading

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The “Water Cure”

I think many Americans, in the heat of their own political rants about current political leaders, tend to act as if whomever they are despising at the moment… say, President Obama…is the worst scoundrel in American history. Why, he’s trampling … Continue reading

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100 Years Ago–Bursting the Bubble

I regularly see posts on Facebook that bemoan that we are no longer living in the Good Old Days of a century ago. I honestly think if some people I know could have access to a time machine, they’d gladly … Continue reading

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