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Flour Sack Fashions: Great-Granny Cooks Up a Family Wardrobe

I remember hearing of “flour sack dresses” ever since my youth in the 1950s. But I recently discovered through rummaging the Internet that my concept of what the term meant was totally in error. I don’t even remember when I … Continue reading

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Pony Tales

Pony Tales Back in the late 1990s, my husband and I took a trip “out West” from Michigan to visit our daughter who was living in Douglas, Wyoming, at the time. At one point we stopped at a restaurant/gift shop … Continue reading

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Woodstic Surgery

Guess Who this Famous Face is… I’m pretty sure I would never have guessed if I hadn’t seen the article on the Web where I found this pic. This is “the” Howdy Doody. The original one, sidekick of Buffalo Bob … Continue reading

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Hiding in Plane Sight: Camouflaging the Homeland in WW2

I’ve always been fascinated by the camouflage techniques “built in” to some animal species to protect them from predators. (And/or to help them sneak up on prey!) See if you can spot the critters in these photos. Humans were not … Continue reading

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Big Beyond Belief

No, the picture above was not “photoshopped.” It is an un-retouched photo of Robert Pershing Wadlow, who was about age 20 at the time. I don’t remember ever hearing of Robert Wadlow before today, although I’m not sure how I … Continue reading

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Titanic–Minus the Romance

In early April 1912, 2,223 people boarded the largest, safest, most luxurious passenger steamship in the world for a trip from Europe to America. The British ocean liner Titanic, making its very first voyage, was advertised as a technological wonder. … Continue reading

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Where Did All the Cheerful Music Go?

A couple of years ago my husband George and I visited the World of Coca Cola museum in nearby Atlanta. We’d visited it in its first incarnation, in about 1992. But it had been recently moved and remodeled, so we … Continue reading

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